Pro-choice women who voted 3rd party instead of Hillary, while Anthony Kennedy’s replacement is getting ready to overturn Roe v Wade and make abortion illegal again, don’t forget to remind him that he cannot do that because of how incredibly powerful and totally not wasted the 3rd party vote is

I’m sure he’ll understand and uphold your right to your own body after you remind him of that. /s

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MY FITNESS JOURNEY: Depression, Mental Health, Finally Happy

Hey Lovely people!

This is a very sensitive subject and video for me so please be kind.

I also wanted to show you the importance of mental health not just physical.




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Played any of these games? If yes, you’ll be in for a treat cause this Friday we’ll be covering the history of Blizzard!

Played any of these games? If yes, you’ll be in for a treat cause this Friday we’ll be covering the history of Blizzard!

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Do y’all wear makeup to work?

Idk… this topic just came out when I was working one day.

I always wear makeup to work and one day my friend was like “Why do you always wear makeup? Who are you trying to impress? Is it because you’re insecure?” She said that last part as a joke

I work at a restaurant so I guess wearing too much makeup is a bit extra to them? I don’t wear makeup to impress people. But I just wear it for myself and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I did realize that none of them (my coworkers) wear makeup so I was just curious if other people put on makeup for work/school.

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Pulling cash from my arcade!

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Hi im Aaron hipps I love claw machines! I love crane games so much I saved up and bought my own machine! This YouTube is all about Claw Machines, Crane Games and skill cranes. I love being on YouTube and love all my fans and subscribers. I reply to most of the comments I get on my YouTube videos. Hope to see u as a subscriber on my YouTube:)