I kicked my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years out.

The other night I asked my boyfriend to leave and told him that I didn’t want to be together anymore.

He would gaslight me durring arguments and I would always let it go because I was afriad I was overreacting. I couldn’t handle it anymore when we were fighting when he started accusing me of only saying and thinking badly of him because of things that were being fed to me by my friends and family. “I can’t beleive how fucking weak you are. Weak in the head” he said. Fuck him, I’ll show him how “weak” I am, goodbye haha. Anyway Im sad and shits hard but im trying haha.

Im basically making this post to vent and to tell you not to let people say your crazy/weak/ridiculous/overemotional when your upset by thier behaviors. Sorry for grammer/spelling im on my phone 😛

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