Job interview asking for a marketing plan as part of process

I went through three rounds already (2 phone interviews, 1 in person) and they have asked me to come up with a plan that will be representative of what I’ll be doing at that role (demand generation).

What do you guys think about this? I’m a little skeptical, but I’m thinking I’ll just give a really rough outline.

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8 thoughts on “Job interview asking for a marketing plan as part of process”

  1. Counter offer with you are happy to generate a plan for them. However due to this falling outside of normal interview processes you will need to charge them your consultation freelance fee. You believe this project will constitute roughly 5 hours of wotk at your $xx rate (higher than the jobs hourly, but not a huge margin). Gives them the knowledge that you know how much you’re worth, and if they say they won’t pay you lets you know they are not serious and just want free work. Good luck!

  2. So basically you’ve been on three interviews, and now they’re looking for essentially free work? I’d be hesitant as well. I’d be apt to also say I’d be happy to do so at my hourly rate of $x per hour. Otherwise you’re basically giving them free work and if they don’t hire you, they can use your marketing plan.

    Finally, go with your gut. It’s generally right.

  3. Don’t listen to these other responses. Assuming the company looks to be legit, this is a completely normal request for an interviewee.

    A. A rough outline should be good enough.
    B. Should you get the job and learn more about the company, product/service, and marketplace, that plan will change pretty quickly anyway.

    The interviewer is trying to assess your wherewithal, how you’ll integrate separate demand gen functions, and get an idea of your vision for the future of this role.

    Source: marketing executive that’s hired several demand gen managers.

  4. No; too many people do fake job interviews to get free ideas. You shouldn’t give this kind of information out for free. Past work samples (if not confidential) and talk about your process.

  5. I was also little skeptical when my current employer asked me to come up with a marketing plan. But at that time I was already on my Notice Period and this company was nice, so I don’t wanted to waste this opportunity.

    So I prepared out a detailed Marketing plan and shared with them. After one week I got a call from them asking for my confirmation to join their organisation.

    So I feel this is the standard process companies are following these days. So if you feel that the company is legit then I would suggest you to prepare a detailed report instead of just an outline. Even if you go for an outline only, it should be good enough which reflects your knowledge and your future vision.

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