“Less than a cup of coffee a day/week/month” type ads?

I’m trying to find examples using this kind of comparison format for a client who’s resistant to testing this type of headline. I know I’ve seen these before and found one on Swell Investing but was hoping someone here remembered examples of more established brands using this.

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Sometimes I feel like I’m in the wrong professional sub.

It always fascinates me how diverse and far reaching the “marketing” profession is.

As someone in big CPG , It also makes me think about how hard it is to pick THE RIGHT tactic/strategy out of a large field of options.

It also helps me understand why I get SO MANY COLD CALLS/EMAILS asking me about marketing tactics I don’t even use today.

Marketing is complex and beautiful. It’s why i love it and its why it feels so great when you get it right.

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Howard Finkel Is In “Really Bad Health” According To Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler recently stated that Howard Finkel may have had a stroke recently Subscribe For Daily Wrestling News – https://goo.gl/2yC2p5

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