Cut marketing costs & increase results

I’ve been asked to cut marketing costs which I don’t entirely agree with I would sooner work hard to increase results.

We are doing most of the common things such as

* Brochures
* Magazine advertising
* etc etc

Does anybody have any personal experiences where they’ve been able to reduce costs or increase outputs?

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I chose this pin because it reminded me of the “Health and Reproductive Rights” …

I chose this pin because it reminded me of the “Health and Reproductive Rights” part of the class. The video about home births is what came to mind when I read this. Many of the women seemed to be in a lot of pain and like they couldn’t do it. However, they pushed through and showed that the “impossible” can be done.Help me help you get healthy! or follow me on Facebook for more info: #wellwithPlexus #health #yesyoucan

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How Do Casinos Make Money?

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How do casinos make money? Can you make money at a casino? How likely is it that you will win money?

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Here from the other side

So I spent a month or so on the alt right side of Reddit, was a communist a while back, now I am here, I am not looking for a ban but other opinions I have posted up a ridiculous thing to see if it would get upvotes or not. Testing the waters if you will. So I intend to be here for a month. I will ask various questions that will be difficult but I am here to see the other side of things, I did post many womanhating things in r/MGTOW during my month there and I intend to stay there but that is so I can see both sides when they are truly themselfs, see if MRA’s defend woman or not or if MGTOWs do. I hope to stay as “neutral” as possible. Do not look into me, you will never find out my political leanings or my opinions online and I intend to keep it that way with spreading them out and making them as random as possible.

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E-Mail Monks

Does anyone have experience with this group? They design custom e-mail templates and that’s a core part of our business. We’re looking to outsource. These guys called me within a few minutes of inquiry and explained every last detail barely letting me get a word in edge wise. The hard sell was a turn off.

Is their work worth it and do you have quantifiable results if you’ve used them?

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ROMANTIC HINDI LOVE SONGS 2018 – Hindi Heart Touching Songs – Indian Songs

ROMANTIC HINDI LOVE SONGS 2018 – Hindi Heart Touching Songs – Indian Songs

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Judging by my experiance on the alt right, MGTOW, and MRA’S, alongside Communism, and femenism I have found the alt right to appeal to science.

So I would like to ask some things, how are woman marginalised.

How can men and woman be “the same” when at the most basic DNA level (chromosomes) they are different?

How is patriarchy real in the U.S when woman make up the majority of university?

No I am not an alt righter just wondering from political party to party

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