Took placebo instead of regular pill by accident

My gf is on her first ever strip of the pill and yesterday she took a pill from the bottom row (day 27, placebo) instead of the one from the second to last row (day 20) by accident. We were out and she tried to take it unnoticed. Upon checking the booklet it says to just take the one from yesterday and today, then keep on taking them but then disregard the placebo ones and start straight away with a new pack. Though she is confused as she was told to always start taking them on the regular period scheme and i dont really know how it works so i came here for help and advice. So just take the remaining 3 and then start right away with a new one? Or wait 4 days after the 3? We didnt have intercourse last night bit the days before yes, should we be worried? Thanks in advance

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[Hiring] Scriptwriter for YouTube channel “Business Casual”

Hello there,

I’m the guy running [Business Casual](, an educational YouTube channel that makes videos on a variety of business topics.

I’m looking for a writer with the wit and diligence necessary to create compelling scripts. You should have a fervent passion for history and business, as well as the ability to find obscure facts on niche topics.

Of course, bonus points if you’ve been a viewer of the channel.

The going rate for this job is $100 per script, with each script being ~1200-1400 words. Message me with a few writing samples you’ve got or a CV. I’d also love to hear what topics you think would make for great Business Casual videos (not just particular company histories).

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