My (low cost) freelance gig has turned into me doing this person’s job for them, can any give me some advice as to how to handle this?

Ok, long story incoming. TLDR at bottom.

A family friend (60F) got a new job a couple of months back as the marketing director for a smallish company, around 100 employees. This whole story starts with her freaking out to my family that she knows NOTHING about social media and she was expected to do it. Cue me. My family mentioned that I was doing some freelance work and put me in contact with her. I explained I could easily handle their social media channels for them, suggesting around 15 hours a week, and because she’s a friend, I’d do it cheap.

“Just” social media quickly turned into one thing after another. Including but not limited to:

* Digital Content Management
* (Relatively easy) Website Updates
* SEO/Keyword Research/Google Analytics etc.
* Print Media
* Graphic Design
* You get the idea…

She calls or texts me at all hours. Seriously, I’m receiving “urgent” calls at 11pm at night while I sleep. This isn’t really what I signed up for. The reason I offered to help in the first place is because I could do it in my spare time. I have NO problem with helping her do other things. But it’s quickly gone from me helping them out in my spare time, to me having to be on call constantly.

Here’s the thing… The reason she’s asking me to do all of this, is because she doesn’t know how. I get asked very silly (in my opinion) questions constantly, like: “How do I sign into Facebook?”, “How do I edit an Adobe Acrobat (referring to a PDF)?” At this point I’m afraid that if I tell her I cannot do anymore for her, she’s going to get canned. Which is totally not my fault/problem. How she got this job in the first place is completely beyond me, but they have no other marketing staff. To make matters worse, I’m starting a full time position in the next couple of weeks and have told her I will need to drastically cut my hours with her, and only be available on the weekends. I have suggested it may be best to look into hiring another internal marketing employee to assist her.

TLDR: My freelance work for a family friend has turned into a full time job, with me basically doing this person’s work for them. I’m not really comfortable with it, nor do I really have the time. How do I tell her this without completely losing the gig?

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The Glass Cliff: Research shows that female executives are more likely to be put in charge of firms that are already in crisis. Freakonomics discusses why. (scroll down for text version of Podcast)

The Glass Cliff: Research shows that female executives are more likely to be put in charge of firms that are already in crisis. Freakonomics discusses why. (scroll down for text version of Podcast)

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FB Converison Ads: ViewContent, AddtoCart, Purchase DropShip Website

In order for conversion ads to work, FB needs data. If you don’t have the data necessary for the end of the funnel then choose something higher up on the sales funnel. Ok, ViewContent is the thing closest to the end of the funnel where I have adequate data. So what do I do? just hope that I eventually get AddtoCarts, so I can optimize for that after? So far I am getting no ATC. I mean this is where people go from 0 to 100 real fast. Through leveraging FB algorithm through conversion ad. But what happens if you never get initial data set?

VC Conversion Ad: CTR 1.67%, 20k impressions.

yes, yes I know it is an aliexpress dropship website. I decided to try again. I see too many people succeeding. This dropship thing has eluded me so long. It is like 95% marketing. How can others succeed at this while I cannot? I can PM the website.

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