Free PayPal Money – How To Get Free PayPal Money (2018)

Free PayPal Money – How To Get Free PayPal Money (2018)

Hello everyone! in this video i am showing you how to get free PayPal money. this works on all devices in all countries. Do note that this is completely legal and i am sharing this tutorial for educational purposes only!

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I’ve been assaulted, or so I think.

I was out for drinks with a few school friends of mine including this guy I had been flirting with for a couple of months. We had made out once & it was super casual.

He had a flight to catch that night so we decided to go drop him off at the airport. Once there, the two of us managed to break off from the others. We made out briefly but it was extremely aggressive so I pulled back & suggested we head back. Which was when he leaned in and bit me very hard on my neck (right collarbone). I had to push him off and he kept grinning as though this was totally normal. We walked back, me clutching at my neck, and once he had gone my friends helped me get some ice and we could now see the wound forming.

He messaged saying “sorry” the next day and I told him to stay the fuck away from me if he genuinely was.

It may appear to fall into a grey area for some considering we were intimate but I did NOT consent to that animalistic bite. I don’t get his agenda behind doing so? Was it to “mark” me? It was a very painful bite- After we were done making out. An isolated act.

It has almost been a week and now I’m seeing that the bite is going to leave a permanent scar. This is just killing me.

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How is ROI measured for brick & mortar retail?

Let’s say a business promotes a sale on TV, social media and radio.

How would the business know how much of the revenue is due to the ads vs BAU (business as usual)?

What I’ve done in the past is to actually poll the customers by asking how much they spent and if they were informed by some of the ads. I’d then add up the numbers and apply the ratios to the total revenue.

An example of the poll results from 500 people:

TV $10,000 = 13%
Facebook $20,000 = 27%
Radio $5,000 = 7%
BAU $40,000 = 53%

So, if the total revenue was $600,000 then, in theory, each of the ads brought:

TV $80,000
Facebook $160,000
Radio $40,000
BAU $320,000

Finally, the ROI can be found out by comparing the profits (Assume 100% margins) to the ad costs:

$50,000 TV ad generated $40,000 in profits for an ROI of -20%
$5,000 Facebook ad generated $80,000 in profits for an ROI of 15,000%
$15,000 Radio ad generated $20,000 in profits for an ROI of 33%

Does this method seem good to you? How would you measure this?

I’m also curious as to how could coupons be used to measure ROI.

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Loveless – How To Love You (feat. Thomas Eriksen) [Official Video]

The Norwegian duo Loveless with a Pop / House track called “How To Love You”, featuring Thomas Eriksen. Released 22. May 2014.

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