In the area of money, the ONLY thing I learned from becoming aware of my persona…

In the area of money, the ONLY thing I learned from becoming aware of my personal finances ever the past year is that it isn’t just one thing that you need to do. A lot of things come into play, From saving to growing money. personal finances are tricky yet rewarding. #money #income #personalfin

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Fit, Fierce, Fabulous Wooden Medal – Birch

Description Fit, Fierce, Fabulous A chic medal for anyone who believes in staying fit, fierce & fabulous! Fitness, to them, is more than a hobby. It is a lifestyle, a journey to a healthier life. They sweat it out despite their busy schedule and focus on being a better and stronger person everyday. This fitness enthusiast is committed to taking care of his/her body and mind and staying fit, fierce and fabulous always. This custom medal is a reminder to opt for a healthy lifestyle. Know someone who inspires to become the best version of your

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Handmade Mesh Cotton Shopping Tote – Eco Friendly Natural Vegetable Net Shoulder Bags – Rose Mesh Tote

Handmade sustainable natural net carrier bags for carrying vegetables. These wonderful market style mesh produce bags are a very easy way to make a small change to living a more sustainable and eco friendly lifestyle. These net shopping bags are made from cotton and jute (the black one also contains some recycled denim) and are available in a variety of styles. These string shopping bags are so light and table up very little space whilst also being able to carry a lot of goods comfortable which make them easy to take out with you and very relia

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Petit Cheri Photo Cube Money Box – Pink

An adorable hand painted elephant photo frame and money box. This sweet little box is cast from sturdy resin with a cute little pink elephant sitting on top of a letter cube base.The front panel features a 2″ x 2″ (5 x 5cm) photo aperture. Size 11.5cm

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